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    We're on a mission to create sustainable solutions for Planet, People, Productivity & Profits

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    Future Consulting

    Mission: Planet + People + Process + Productivity + Profit

    Future Consulting is one of the first truly Pharma, Healthcare, Chemical & Process Industries focused boutique Operations & Supply Chain Consulting firm which covers all verticals under Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Renewable and Clean Technologies to make products and services acceptable, accessible , affordable and sustainable in the world markets.



    Future Consulting

    Makes it easier to create

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    Business Consulting


    Building Networks to Support you


    • Growth Consulting
    • Business Analytics
    • Strategy and Operations Consulting
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    Supply Chain Transformation


    Mission: Connect the World

    We bring the latest knowledge through thought leadership and cutting edge technologies to transform your Supply Chains.

    • SCM Process Re-Engineering
    • Demand Planning & Forecasting
    • Network Analysis & Design
    • Inventory Management & Optimization
    • Warehousing & Transportation Management
    • Reverse Logistics Management
    • Spend Analysis & Optimization
    • Digital Supply Chain
    • Bar Coding, RFID, Telematics
    • Track & Trace and Serialisation 
    • Strategic Souring & Procurement
    • Omni Channel Supply Chain
    • Order to Cash (O2C)
    • Procure to Pay (P2P)
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    Cold Chain Management and Network Design

    Mission: End to End Cold Chain Integrity for Pharma, Nutra  and Food Products throughout the Value Chain


    We have wide experience is designing compliant, cost effective and responsive Cold Chain Transportation, Storage and Delivery sytems for Pharma, Food and related Industries using State - of - Art Technologies thus proactively preventing Product Write-off due to loss of efficacy.



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    Pharma Access

    Mission: World's Access to Pharma, Pharma's Access to the World


    Our Pharma Access initiative creates the bridge between vendors, researchers and collaborators who want to access the Pharma World through our specialised knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Industry Worldwide and also helps Pharma companies access newer technologies and vendors and come upto speed with the latest the world has to offer.


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    Investment Advisory Consulting

    Mission: Wealth creation for all stakeholders

    Based on our extensive experience and understanding of the Pharma, Nutra, Food, Chemical and Process Industries , we provide factual , un-biased advisory and strategic insights to Private Equity, Venture Capital and Global Consulting Firms.


    We ensure complete confidentiality of our clients' projects, who have immensely benefited from our knowledge and made intelligent decisions thus gaining / savings millions of dollars in investments.

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    Make in India, Deliver to the World

    Mission: Fast Track Business Set-up for Manufacturers, Exporters, Start-Ups & their Service Providers to Leverage India's Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship  Initiative

    The Indian Pharmaceutical Market is expected to touch $ 150 Billion (Domestic + exports) by 2020. Gain from our knowledge of the Domestic and Sub-Continent Markets & Networks to Fast Track your Manufacturing and Supply Chain Network Set-up in India. We help in all stages of Business creation from Disease Profiling, Opportunity Evaluation, Clinical Manufacturing & Trials, CTD, DMF, Pharmacovigilance to complete set-up of Own or Contract Manufacturing Sites & Supply Chain Networks for India and Sub-Continent, Fund raising etc.


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    Profits through Proactive Network Optimisation for GST Implementation

    Mission: Competitive Advantage with Proactive,Profitable and GST Compliant Supply Chain 


    We help Clients analyse their As-Is Supply Chain Network and proactively design a To-Be  Post - Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) Supply Chain Network to leverage the opportunities being thrown open by the biggest impending Tax Reforms in India.


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    Unicorn Next Advisory Services

    Mission: Start-up to Scale-Up 


    We help upcoming Start-Ups in their Business Planning, Validations, MVP, Scale Up and Growth Consulting,  Building their Last Mile Delivery (LMD) Network Design and hand holding them to navigate through the Operations & Supply Chain maze. Through our network or Private Equity, Venture Capitalists and Investing Firms whom we routinely consult, we catalyse inventements for high-growth start-ups.


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    Zero Defect , Zero Effect

    Mission: High Quality Sustainable Manufacturing & Operational Excellence with Zero Effect on the Environment 


    Our unique combination of experts in Operational Excellence, Manufacturing and Energy Optimisation fields gives us extra-ordinary leverage to cater to potentially conflicting demands of Large Scale Manufacturing and Environmental Protection.


    Our Operational Excellence Consulting in Lean, Six Sigma, Manufacturing Automation  and Productivity Improvement complemented with our leadership in Energy Optimisation offers our clients extra-ordinary opportunities to excel in both.

    We have implemented several projects achieving this fine balance and letting our clients excel in their Fiduciary and Corporate Social Responsibility with direct bottom - line savings at the same time .

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    Reverse Logistics System Design

    Mission: Safe, Secure and Complaint handling of Returns of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Food Products 


    We help Organisation Design efficient, cost efficient and compliant Reverse Logistics Systems for handling returns in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Food Products in line with environmental, regulatory and internal QA requirements.


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    Profit Maximisation : TOC , Productivity, Lean, Quality & Six Sigma

    Mission: Maximise Profits + Improve Quality + Reduce Waste + Generate Savings for Organisations + Leverage Resources 


    • Theory of Constraints (TOC) 
    • BPMS : Process Mapping & Metrics
    • Lean & Agile Implementation
    • Six Sigma Implementation
    • Process Optimization
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    Digitising the Workplace - Operations Automation


    Mission: Productivity Improvement

    Manufacturing Automation

    Supply Chain Automation

    Quality Automation

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    Energy Solutions


    Mission: Sustainable Energy Utlisation


    • Thermal & Electrical Energy Audits for Factory,Warehouse & Offices
    • Customised L.E.D Lighting Automation Design
    • Implementation of Waste Heat Recovery Schemes
    • Co-Generation Studies
    • Steam Traps Study / Servicing
    • Energy Norms Fixation / Product Costing
    • Energy Monitoring & Implementation Services
    • Renewable Energy Solutions like Bio-Coal & its Supply Optimisation
    • Boiler Efficiency / Test Determination


    For more details of our Products and Service Offerings in Energy Savings and Optimisation, please visit our group company Innovative Energy website www.innovativeenergy.in or write to solutions@addventures.in.

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    Six Sigma & Lean Transformations


    Mission: Create Social Change Leaders

    • 5S & Kaizen
    • Six Sigma Green & Black Belt (DMAIC)
    • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)


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    Business Support Services

    Mission: One Stop Solution for All Operations and Supply Chain Needs




    One Stop Solution Provider with services such as

    1. Pre-feasibility study for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Projects

    2. Commercial & Technical Consultancy & Project Financial Validation

    3. Engineering, Procurement & Consulting for Energy projects

    4. Supply Chain Consulting for Product & Biofuel Supplies

    5. Recruitment and Human Capital Augmentation


    Our innovative approach drives down costs and increases profitability.


    For more details of our Products and Service Offerings in Energy Savings and Optimisation, please visit our group company Innovative Energy website www.innovativeenergy.in or write to solutions@addventures.in.


    We help organisations to achieve further effectiveness & efficiency, enhanced productivity, profitability & sustainable Global leadership.



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    Opportunity Collaboration

    Mission: Inquire + Introspect + Innovate + Implement

    Building Networks to Support you


    • Multi faceted team with Technical Competence & Young Dynamism
    • More than 250  man years of rich experience in Operations, Supply Chain, pharmaceutical / Healthcare & Energy Sector
    • Customized Solutions
    • Excellent Project Management & Resource Coordination
    • Customer Centric Approach
    • Proven project execution capabilities  


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    Quality Excellence


    • GMP / GDP / GWP Audits
    • CAPA and Compliance
    • Quality Process Re-Engineering
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    Safety Excellence


    • Sa​fety Audits
    • Process Safety and Risk Management
    • HAZOP Facilitation
    • Functional Safety, SIL, LOPA Studies
    • Process Safety Management functional support
    • Plant Commissioning and Preservation Support
    • Pressure Relief System adequacy checks
    • Process Engineering Trouble shooting studies

    We are group of award winning IIT, UDCT (ICT), NITIE and Grant Medical Alumni with more than 250 man-years of extensive and diversified Corporate experience in end-to-end Operations (Supply Chain & Manufacturing, Transportation & Warehousing ) ,Clean Technology - Consulting, Products, Services & Project Execution and Advisory roles to Global Consulting, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Start-up Firms, who help you to identify growth & improvement opportunities across processes and organization, right from Procure - To - Pay and Order - To - Cash Cycles Operations Automation, Energy Optimisation, Supply Chain and Last Mile Delivery.

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    Dr Pradeep

    Pharma & Healthcare

    Dr Pradeep heads the Pharma and Healthcare vertical at Future Consulting and is also the Chief Knowledge Officer. He is a MBBS, MD (Pharmacology) and FCCP Medical Doctor with 40 publications in International Medical and Pharmaceutical Journals. He is an International Expert in Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacology,Clinical Operations etc and has more than 37 years of industry experience. He has successfully conducted more than 100 clinical trials with more than 40 publications in indexed and non indexed journals, conducted various toxicity studies for more than 25 products as a pre-registration requirement in Regulated and Un-Regulated markets.He handled several roles with increasing responsibilities in Grant Medical College, J J Group of Hospitals, Concept Pharmaceuticals, Alkem Laboratories, Unique Pharmaceuticals and  as Vice President of J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

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    Dr. Mukund 

    Energy & Sustainability


    Dr. Mukund heads the Energy and Sustainability vertical at Future Consulting and is also the Chief Mentor. He received his M.Tech - Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay and B.Tech from LIT Nagpur. He has an experience of over 3 decades in Energy and Operations Consulting for over 250 Companies & successfully designed & implemented Energy Optimisation Schemes like Boiler Fuel Conversion, Waste Heat Recovery, Vapor Absorption System based on Process Waste Heat, Producer Gas and Co-Generation. His current research includes mass Electricity generation through Producer Gas , which will contribute to reduce energy deficiencies faced by developing nations. He has been accredited by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and is a well known expert in Sustainability and Energy fields.



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    IT & Private Equity

    Santosh is an Techno - Commercial expert with 25 year in system development in various industry sectors including 13 year experience in handling top management position in Software development and consulting firms.


    Santosh was founder of Indosoft Systems,a global Information Technology consulting firm, with business development experience in more than thirty countries across the globe. Earlier he has association with Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Larson & Toubro Limited, Scottish & Newcastle Limited. He has worked on IT projects across globe for clients like AT&T & Edward D Jones - USA, Bavaria University & Cassiopeia AG-Germany, Baud Telecom - Saudi Arabia, Olma B V -The Netherlands, Toyo Engineering Corporation - Japan, SSI - Italy, J&P-Greece,Bezeq–Israel, Wolverhampton University& Lendlease– UK, EDBI– Iran, Shanghai Lottery IS– China, Mineral Resource Department - Sudan & Premier Bank-Bangladesh.


    Currently he is an advisor to the boards of many companies and consultant to many IT starts-up companies in e-commerce retail platform and a RFID based microchip company.

    Santosh has Masters in Industrial Engineering & Management from NITIE,Mumbai and Bachelor of Technology in Ag & Food Engineering.He is a member of United Nations Electronic Commerce Facilitation Group, International Project Management Association, Switzerland and IEEE, ASAE, IIE USA.

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    Business Analytics

    Raju heads the Business Analytics vertical. He has more than 19 years of experience in Operations Management ,Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Business Analytics and Quality Management. He is proficient in Business Analytics using Operations Research / Statistical / Econometrics Techniques, Productivity Improvement using Industrial Engineering principles – Manufacturing and Business Process Outsourcing / Re - Engineering of Manufacturing Services and has advised global organisations like Caterpillar, GE Energy, Dell, Toyota, BEML & ITC Food Division.

    His recent assignments include process improvement initiatives for Caterpillar, Consulted and guided projects in areas of Lean/TQM, VSM, SCM, Analytics projects in GE Energy, DELL, Toyota, BEML and ITC food division, Tata Motors Supply Chain BPR Project, Improvement of shop floor productivity through IE and Kaizen.

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    Purchase & Procurement

    Vaibhav  holds Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Master’s degree in Management Studies, PG Diploma in Business Management and is a Six Sigma Blackbelt. He is an expert in enabling organisations to be more effective in their sustainability ambitions, through collaborating Supply Chains with other functions.. His functional expertise involves techniques such as decision making models, mathematical programming and third party tools.

    His areas of expertise are SCM Process Re-engineering,Materials Planning & Forecasting / Production Planning,Demand planning, Sales and Operations planning, inventory norms setting and optimization,Warehousing & Inventory Control,Six Sigma & Control Management,

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    Healthcare Operations

    Aruna has done her B.Chem in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology ( erstwhile UDCT) and MBA in Healthcare Management from GIM, Goa. She has extensive experience in Project Management & Execution along with Innovative Solutions Design & Business Solutions Marketing.


    Our Experts have personally worked with Who's Who of Industry


    Our Recent Successes


    Our experts have increased Sales Revenues by 38% YOY, reduced Supply Chain costs by 70% with savings of more than 5 Million USD for Global Pharma MNC, improved Customer Service by 66% for Global Consumer MNC leading to Market Leadership in a short span, helped upcoming Healthcare MNC to double their sales targets and are helping start-ups profitably scale-up.


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    Future Consulting

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